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21 Day Purification

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I’ve been sharing my 21 day detox journey on Instagram Stories. So I wanted to go into detail here on the blog about the detox process. I decided to do a detox for several different reasons: – To help me not consume too much food and candy before Thanksgiving – Ongoing stomach bloating. – Food… Read more »

Lemon Water in the Morning

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Over the past few months, I’ve been super focused on establishing a functional morning routine. I’ve been starting my day with a cup of hot lemon water. I  was a skeptic at first when reading about all of the benefits, however, I can confirm that positive things come out of incorporating lemon water in your… Read more »

Brussel Sprouts get a bad rap

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Brussel sprouts have a bad reputation. In fact, I’d never given them a shot at all. Ever. But I was reading one of my favorite blogs, With A Southern Twist, and she did a post spotlighting how great Brussel sprouts are. They are a cruciferous vegetable (think lettuce, kale, greens) full of vitamin K and… Read more »