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Happy Valentine’s Day

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It’s that time of year again. Happy Valentine’s Day! I decided to be festive this year and did a fun shoot with Gossett Photography at a local park to celebrate this annual day of love.  The balloons were fun to play with. My mom got me this red dress for Christmas from Ann Taylor. I’ve… Read more »

Friday Favorites – Valentine’s Day Edition

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Hello Friday! It’s been an incredibly long week for me. But the weekend it’s a holiday weekend. Well, if you consider Valentine’s Day a holiday. Seriously though, it is also President’s Day weekend so yeah, two holidays ;). Anyway, I thought that I would do a Friday Favorites with all of my favorite Valentine’s Day… Read more »

Forever Alone

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Happy Valentine’s Day! This week didn’t go as planned again, we had two days snowed in here in Atlanta. The first day, there was more ice than snow. The second day there was snow, but it melted in 7 hours and next week it will be 60 degrees. That’s Atlanta! I came across this article… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Wednesday Wish List

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Love it or hate it, we are two days away from Valentine’s Day! I am excited to see About Last Night, but outside of that I don’t have grand V-day plans. Maybe something spontaneous 😉 Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share a wish list of items that might even make perfect gifts…. Read more »

Twelve Hour Days

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Sometimes I wonder how people are able to do it all. Seriously! I started doing a new thing last week. I decided to focus on a word for the week. Last week the word I chose was intention. I wanted to make sure that my actions were focused on certain outcomes and not wasted efforts…. Read more »