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I’ve been sharing my 21 day detox journey on Instagram Stories. So I wanted to go into detail here on the blog about the detox process.

I decided to do a detox for several different reasons:
– To help me not consume too much food and candy before Thanksgiving
– Ongoing stomach bloating.
– Food sensitivities
– Wild cravings for candy and sweets
– To get back to being mindful about food

The program that I’m doing is called Standard Process Purification Body Cleanse. For the first seven days we didn’t eat meat to give our bodies a chance to not have to spend time processing it. For days 8-21 we can have grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and wild-caught fish. Each day we have two shakes.



One in the morning and one at night. We can eat unlimited veggies. For me, one of my goals is to reduce carbohydrate intake so that means fruits are limited to my morning smoothie only. And I’ve also limited my starch intake.

Before the detox we got measurements taken and a weigh-in.  So, I’m not getting on the scale throughout the process. I am looking at non-scale victories as the days pass. Here are a few of my non-scale victories ten days in:

– Skin: pigmentation on my face and neck disappeared two days in.
– Sleep: I’m sleeping like a baby and waking up very early. Less tired after work.
– Focus: Mentally, my mind isn’t clouded and my thoughts aren’t jumbled. It’s easier to focus on tasks and I get less distracted.

I’ll share results at the end of the program!

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It feels like fall in Atlanta and I’m thankful. I spent this weekend switching out the summer candles and putting out my fall pillows, some pumpkins and fall florals. Here are five things that I’m looking forward to this fall:


Apple Season – Lately, I’ve been having an apple a day. My favorite apples are Golden or Red Delicious. I’m excited that it’s apple season and that I’ll get the chance to try some other in season crunch and sweet varieties.

Booties – I always forget how much I love booties until fall hits. I will have these Vince Camuto purple booties in heavy rotation this fall. I picked them up last year during Black Friday.

Pursuing New Goals – October is when I start to look back on previous years and thinking about new goals for the next few months ahead. I know it seems early, but I really want to set my goals at more of a 30-60-90 day level and starting now will help me get there. I’ll circle back to my Life Plan.

Growing with my small group – This is my second year leading a small group and I’m excited about getting to know our new members through fellowship and a new devotional study.

Thanksgiving Recipe Experimenting – I have a Pinterest board full of ideas around what I want to try making for Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving this year. Over the last year I won an award for my slow cooked vegan collard greens, and I also did dressing, eggnog poundcake and red velvet
Happy Fall to you. Can’t wait to see what this new season has in store!

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One of my favorite spots in my apartment happens to be my bar cart. I like changing the decorations out for each season. I’m slowly starting to hang art all around my place and I was excited to learn about Modern Map Art.

A Modern Map Art print of Atlanta is the perfect little something for my bar area. I’m born and raised from Georgia, but I grew up in a rural town. Then, I went to college in a rural college town. Whenever I travel it’s just easier to tell everyone that I’m from the city of Atlanta. Besides Savannah, that’s the place that everyone things of when it comes to Georgia. In 2014, I got my first taste of living in the actual city of Atlanta. Ever since I moved ITP (Inside the Perimeter) I have loved being in close proximity to everything. Atlanta really is a fun magical place. It’s simple in black and white but a reminder of the city. I’ve been on the hunt for a frame, but honestly I love how it looks standalone. It doesn’t distract from my gold bar cart or mirror either.

I love looking at how others are incorporating Modern Map Art into their decor on Instagram.

What’s your favorite space inside your place?

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It’s that time of year again. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I decided to be festive this year and did a fun shoot with Gossett Photography at a local park to celebrate this annual day of love. 

The balloons were fun to play with. My mom got me this red dress for Christmas from Ann Taylor. I’ve never really worn a lot of red, but now I want to add more red to my wardrobe. It just pops. The color red is associated with energy, strength, power and passion. Red is emotionally intense so no wonder it’s a big on Valentine’s Day.

The photo above ended up being my favorite one of the bunch. The nude heels make my legs look longer. When I did physical therapy for my knee, the therapist said my legs are much longer than my torso. Which makes it hard to adjust a bike for comfort. We learned this early on. I never thought about it, but that theory makes sense for why I love rompers and skirts because they just work well on my shape accenting the legs and helping to give my waist some love too.

I switched it up with a white Calvin Klein jacket, rose gold heels and my Dolce & Gabana red glasses to end the shoot. When I look at this I think about that “Blocking out the haters meme”. Definitely wasn’t thinking that, but the meme does give me a good laugh.

I took these photos on an unusually warm Georgia Sunday. It was a fun day at the park!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Social media gives us instant access to each other. But what’s the value of likes when it comes to relationships? After taking inventory of what stays and what goes for 2017, making in real life connections tops the list of what’s in. Here are a couple of reasons why I want to invest more time in taking the online and making real life.

Likes don’t translate to friends. They are just likes. They don’t mean connection it’s just a casual passing of your content and admiring something about it. I love social media but it’s just false at times. It makes us feel connected when to some extent we are further apart than ever. I just read an article that says while we might have 1500+ friends online that often only equals a circle of friends sized at 150.

In this episode I mention:

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

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Serena Williams recently announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian (on Reddit btw). The relationship hasn’t been splashed all over the internet and social media. I appreciate that. As a single dating woman, I am constantly thinking about how to best guard my love life.
Flowers + bubbles makes it look kind of like a romantic evening on social media right?
Love in the age of digital is hard. There’s FOMO, general sharing of basic couple activities and then there’s flat out show-offs. It’s different for each of us but on the latest episode of The Unshrew Show, I talk about digital boundaries around your love life.

In this episode I mention:
Vogue 73 Questions with Serena Williams
Huffington Post on Engagement Season

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2017 is officially 3 days away. I’m using this episode to remember the year by naming my Top 5 things about 2016. From the Olympics to Lemondae and all the way through the 2016 election, talk through moments, music and media that made this a great year.

Listen to the latest episode here:

Top 5 Things about 2016

This year I learned that Prince was going on his Piano and the Microphone tour and stopping in Atlanta. Something in me was like: you have to be there. You’ve gotta go. So I purchased tickets and attended with a friend. It was one of the best decisions that I made this year. If not, the very best one. The people, the music the piano and being in the moment was everything to me. A few days following the concert Prince died. I can’t believe that I attended one of his last concerts ever. I will never forget it.

I took this photo shortly before Prince started. It takes a ton of talent to put on a show with a piano, microphone and candelabra only. It was a night that I will NEVER forget.

Simone Biles
Watching the Rio Olympics and seeing Simone Biles dominate was priceless. She has such a positive spirit about her. I enjoyed everything that I watched with her including a Vogue video interview of her answering 73 questions.
about herself and also a New York Times video breaking down her floor pass called “The Biles” that no one else in the world can do https://youtu.be/yqds04bRxQM. I loved seeing her as the lead love interest in Jake Miller’s video Overnight.

I feel like that was a pretty big thing, if not the biggest thing to happen in music this year. It was different and it surprised us all. Also, I believe that the songs on Lemonade, particularly Formation are a huge departure from the Beyonce that we are used to. It inspired new and varied uses of the word “slay”. The hair and clothing will continue to inspire for years to come and it was a big moment in popular culture.

2016 Election Cycle
Even though it was highly stressful and long, this election cycle was unlike any other that we have experienced as a country. From the media coverage to the behavior of the candidates the whole process was wild. I can’t help but wonder how many people were impacted negatively by the entire cycle. I know that I personally had to have several days of digital detox and time away from the internet just to feel a bit of peace.

Movies & Music
I saw so many great movies this year. Let me just run down a few of my personal favorites: Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, Zootopia, Moana and Barry. There are still so many that I haven’t seen but I really enjoyed those. Then there’s music. I bought more music this year than I have in the last couple of years. Full albums like A Tribe Called Quest, Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Solange. They were worth every penny.

Also discussed:
The swift rise and fall of Pokemon Go.
Vine – is it going or staying?

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I spent a good amount of time over the weekend really diving into my plans for 2017.
The first step for me was looking back on the areas where I did well in 2016 and the not so well parts too. I’m talking through the good, great and not so great on this week’s episode of The Unshrew Show. Most importantly, I talk about how to grow from the bombs and appreciate the wins to make for a better 2017 and beyond.

Things mentioned in this episode:
Living Forward by Michael Hyatt read my review here
Mr. Probz Waves song
Chance the Rapper on SNL
My Spotify Holiday Playlist

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Big news to share – I’m now podcasting!

I’ve wanted to podcast for a long time about digital marketing, millennial life and pop culture trends but I kept putting it off.

No more of that!

I’m officially launched in iTunes and I’m approved for Google Play. Please subscribe! Here’s my very first episode.

For my first show, I talk about all of the marketing reasons that won Donald Trump the election and all of the latest online trends.

My goal is to update weekly and I really enjoy doing it so far. I can’t wait to share more with you guys!

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This past weekend, I attended my fourth Blogalicious Conference here in Atlanta. I can’t believe that I have been to 4 of them.

blogalicious 2016

Kim, Niki, Tamara and I at the Dove Day Party

This past conference was a reminder of why I continue to come back. Blogalicious is always a ray of light for me professionally. Especially this week when it feels like we are all so divided and frustrated around the election cycle. See, when I went to my first conference I was essentially hustling as a social media professional. I was fresh off of leaving a job where I was the sole social media person managing way too many accounts learning very little and slowly crashing and burning. I had stopped learning and lost inspiration.

I needed to find “my place”. By my place I mean, I needed to find a supportive, diverse space where people “got digital”. A place where the value was apparent and where people were having successful outcomes through leveraging social platforms. Blogalicious is that place for me! Here are my four major keys from this weekend’s conference:

1. Use Your Voice
During the first night of Blogalicious I had the opportunity to talk to Tracey Hutchins from CBS46 about women of color having a voice online during this election cycle. I am so grateful for the opportunity because just days after the monumental election of Donald Trump, I appreciate the power of having a voice now more than ever. I definitely plan to use my voice more to drive positive conversation and change.

Check out the interview here.



2. Surround yourself with people in all different areas of their career

At the conference, I met entrepreneurs, talked to students, and individuals just launching blogs and digital channels. It’s nice to collaborate with others in all areas because a diverse group of opinions can really add value to the conversation.

2I met Madison, a Georgia State student at a pre-event happy hour and I’m glad that she was able to attend the conference and she looked so fabulous!

3. Invest in Yourself
On the last night of the conference I explained to a friend the quantifiable value of attending the conference against the cost of the event tickets. After really comparing the two, I realized that what I’ve learned and who I have met at these conferences has paid off in value that exceeds the cost to attend. Has it always been easy to get to the conferences? No. Has it always been worth it? Absolutely. If there’s any lesson that I would share with other young professionals it would be: invest in yourself.


After yoga on the final conference day was such a breath of fresh air.

4. Brands that get it
I like seeing brands who get it at conferences like this. It’s not a surprise to me that some brands just don’t understand influencers or the true power of social media. I’ve had to work with executives and directors who don’t understand. I get it. It’s refreshing for me to see brands like Dove who believe in the power of influencers and are adamant about changing the conversation online with the #SpeakBeautiful campaign. That campaign hopes to change how women and girls speak about themselves especially.

blogalicious 2016

With our goddess braids courtesy of Dove at the closing day party.

Read about my experience from 2012, 2013, 2014
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