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In my mind I’m a blogging superstar. I’m always punctual. I pick out my clothes at night. I work out everyday and eat right all the time.

But the reality of that is I’m not perfect. I reluctantly have to admit that I’m disorganized. I’ve been in denial. We all do that sometimes. Deny, deny, deny. I have to face the facts. Disorganization is infringing on my success. It frustrates me all the time. I respond best to schedules and deadlines. I need expectations and goals. I haven’t been creating those or myself lately. I’ve thought about all the things I should be doing but the actions have been slow to follow. I almost wanted to wait until later this year to call this a New Year’s resolution. Delaying it will only continue to make things worse. So I’m starting right now. Honestly, for the longest I’ve told myself that I didn’t need a planner. I could remember everything I needed to do without one. That’s such a lie! I can’t remember it all. I can wake up on time and recall a few appointments but overall having a planner will really help me out! Besides, I still have the ones I used religiously 9-12th grade and they really kept things in order. So I’m committing to using my planner. Committing to making sure that I stay on track with this goal and getting organized.

New planner to help me stay on track.

New planner to help me stay on track.

The first commitment that I want to make to myself is setting up a daily schedule of what I will be doing before work and after work and even on lunch breaks so that I’m using my time wisely. I’m starting this for tomorrow.

Think happy thoughts for me on my quest to get organized!

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We all get the generic, “How are you doing?” question on occasion.

For some people, they get the chance to boast about their children, or highlight the accomplishments of their spouse. But for me, I get to basically just talk about myself for the entire answer of the question. I can discuss my latest race, a highlight of my day, an interesting date, upcoming event. But essentially all of these things are about me. Does that make me selfish? Because sometimes I feel like it does. Everything I do revolves around what I want to do in the moment. Sometimes I have a plan. Sometimes I just go with the wind. Is this the good life? Some might say so. But quite possibly they are having a “grass is greener” moment. Which is understandable since we all do it.

A former friend once told me: “We are all innately selfish. We subconsciously do good things like volunteer and give things to people in order to make ourselves feel better.” I strongly disagreed with his statement when he said it to me. I guess because I didn’t want to admit that I feel better when I do things for other people and I enjoy doing them. But I don’t do them because I’m selfish…right? I just do them because that’s what my heart tells me to do.

Sometimes I don’t want to listen and I just talk to be heard. Sometimes I tweet or read unimportant emails to avoid making new connections. Horrible, I know but I have to be honest. I haven’t given back as much as I possibly could this year. And all of those things are selfish. I personally don’t always tell people when they have affected or inspired me, so quite possibly I’ve had that influence on at least one person in 2010, and maybe in all the previous years I’ve been on this earth I’ve been fortunate enough to touch someone’s life. Today’s society has really taken on an “All about me” focus. I have even seen interesting blogs about how 20 somethings feel this sense of entitlement. But quite possibly it’s because we were bamboozled into thinking that we had to follow this straight and narrow path to success, then we make it to graduating college and things don’t go as we were taught –okay that’s another blog entirely–Maybe the economy is to blame, or maybe we should just blame ourselves for losing site of being more unified.

Going forward I commit to listen better, talk less and remain less rapped up in melodramas from my personal life.

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I got my package of Creme of Nature Argan Oil goodies today! Last week I won a Twitter contest for some Creme of Nature products. I’m excited because I’ve been doing some research on Argan oil lately.

Argan oil is full of Omega fatty acids and vitamin E that nourishes hair! It also re-hydrates your hair from the drying heat of blow dryers and straighteners. And it is non greasy! Which is an excellent quality for my hair type.

Here is the package the goods came in:

Here are all the goods they sent:

The box included:

  • Intensive conditioning treatment
  • gloss and shine mist, foaming wrap lotion
  • replenishing sheen spray
  • gloss and shine polisher

I can’t wait to try all of these products. I’ll have to give a post about the results!

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This past weekend I enjoyed running in the Virginia Highlands Summer Fest 5k! This was my second 5k but it was my first tweet-up/social media 5k event. I participated in Get Moving! Race and Relax with a group of diverse, talented and beautiful ladies. For some this was their first race, but for others this was just another race to add to the tally sheet. Overall, each of us were able to get together and enjoy the day first with the race, followed by a relaxing brunch sponsored by The Walt Disney Company at Einsteins ATL.

Me talking with The Broke Socialite

The pre race photo with everyone!

Our lovely event organizers Lorraine & Christie: The BlogRollers!

Me with Lisa

Me focused on finishing the race. This was one tough 5k with the hills of the Virginia Highlands and the heat. I wanted to set a PR, however, once I realized how hot it was and that I had not properly fueled up on pre race water, that wasn’t happening! I happily finished at 31:29. I didn’t beat my time from the Susan G. Komen 5k a few weeks ago. But I was satisfied nonetheless!

I smiled because I saw our photographer (@NuDad) ready to snap photos at the finish line!

All of us with the after race glow at the finished line!

Us with our trophies at Einsteins for brunch!

Our swag bag and all the gifts it gave! The bag was sponsored by Winesisterhood. The Disney Princess Half Marathon shoulder bag and spa gift certificate came from The Walt Disney World Resort. Our custom t shirts, trophies and pre race Cherry tart juice from The Cherry Marketing Institute.  We received spa samples (which I tested out as soon as I got home) from Pampered by Adrienne. Maria Bailey (@MomTalkRadio) added the Zippity Do’s hair conditioner (which is FANTASTIC and I definitely plan to buy) and BioGaia to our bags. It definitely felt like Christmas in June!

I can’t wait until the next Race Relax event. I really enjoyed myself and met some great social media enthusiasts I can relate to. The best part was getting to know so many new people before the race and at the brunch. I’m so thankful I got to be apart of this fun day!

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I participated in my first 5k, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Atlanta. After the race I got to try some of the Susan G. Komen Pink Promise smoothie. I have to admit that I am a Planet Smoothie lover! It is frequently one of my treats to enjoy a smoothie from them. So I stopped by the Planet Smoothie in Buckhead to purchase one. The great thing about this smoothie is that $.50 from every purchase goes towards Komen for the Cure.

The pomegranate juice has the best flavor! The red grapefruit gives the smoothie a nice touch too. The website even has a great information section about the smoothie and the purpose behind it:

The one thing I didn’t like about the Pink Promise smoothie was that is smaller than their standard size smoothie, but costs a little more. However, I guess because part of the proceeds go towards the donation that’s where the extra change comes in. Still I think it’s worth every penny! I’m glad that I was able to support Susan G. Komen with my smoothie purchase and I don’t mind buying it again.