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4 Takeaways from Blogalicious 8

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This past weekend, I attended my fourth Blogalicious Conference here in Atlanta. I can’t believe that I have been to 4 of them. Kim, Niki, Tamara and I at the Dove Day Party This past conference was a reminder of why I continue to come back. Blogalicious is always a ray of light for me… Read more »

Create Cultivate ATL

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I’m still on cloud nine after this weekend’s Create Cultivate. I contemplated attending and finally caved in to buy a ticket last month and up until the day of the conference I could feel my excitement growing. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the day with 500+ other women at Mason Fine… Read more »

Summer Night Soundtrack

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Last week, the night before the new Maxwell album came out I got a preview of blackSUMMERS’night his latest album in seven years. I’ve been a Maxwell fan since my cousin played Ascension for me when I was in fourth grade. It sounded so different and he looked like no one else out at the… Read more »

Make Every Day Local with YP in ATL

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YP recently launched a new campaign encouraging people to Make Every Day Local. The purpose of the movement is to support the businesses that make the community around us thrive. Over brunch with fellow Atlanta bloggers and influencers I had the opportunity to learn more. YP is the new name for Yellow Pages. Remember the… Read more »

My First BlogHer

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BlogHer 2014 was beyond words. Great stories, great people, fabulous fashion and tons of inspiration. Seriously, I’m so glad that I went! It was my first time in San Jose. What a gorgeous place! On Thursday night, I hit up the Eppa sangria party. It was toasty out but the sangria was nice. I took… Read more »

New Beginnings

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Lenox Mall is re-opening! There was a ribbon cutting last Thursday and everything. If you shop at Lenox, maybe you’ve noticed the changes happening right out front. There’s now a new entrance and new stores. I go to the mall during the week usually during lunch. For me, it’s the best time to shop since… Read more »

Indulging in Brunch

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I can’t remember the last time that I had the opportunity to indulge in brunch. Ever since I had the opportunity to try Saltyard for a blogger brunch, I realized that brunch is a relaxing good time. It’s definitely not something that happens every weekend. But when it does…   It’s so worth it.  … Read more »

New Target Beauty Box & BB+D

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I learned about the new Target Style Beauty Box launching a month ago on Twitter. So, I signed up, not really knowing what to expect but excited! I have mentioned before that I love getting monthly box subscriptions. The Target Style one is my third to try (Birchbox, Goodies). Side note: Does “monthly box” sound… Read more »

Fundraising for LLS

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Tomorrow, I’m fundraising for LLS at Zaxby’s in Marietta! This is my second fundraising event and I’m excited to have Zaxby’s for lunch and dinner tomorrow 🙂 my favorite is the Zaxby’s blackened chicken salad and ice water. (Something about their ice crushed makes it wonderful) Here is the information, if your in the area,… Read more »

Experiencing FELA!

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I had the opportunity to see FELA! Opening night in Atlanta at The Fox Theatre. Beyond being a musical, FELA! is the true story of Fela Kuti a musical pioneer and political activist. Kuti created a type of music called Afrobeat. Throughout the show, we heard different songs featuring the eclectic style. Afrobeat music is… Read more »