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I’m slowly easing back into the swing of things after the holiday break. Between Christmas, my birthday and New Years I feel mentally and physically ready to get back into a routine. Too many cupcakes!


I’m not a “New Year = New Me” type of resolution maker by any means. Growth is intentional and not just relegated to the change of year. If I had to pick a word to describe an area where I grew the most in 2017, it would have to be “boundaries”. I always considered myself an easy going, laid back person. However, I learned this year that there’s a difference between easy going and unpresent. By unpresent, I mean overwhelmed to the point where I’m powerless. Turns out what I thought was a strength was actually a hinderance.

The honest truth is I don’t think I’ve cried more in any year of my life than I did in 2017. I faced rejection personally, relationally and professionally. I’m sure some of you reading did too. You know how they say, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”. Winning feels good but winning all of the time is unrealistic. Learning is often a process of humility and patience. I would call 2017 a year of growing pains. I dealt with a good amount of resistance internally and externally as I challenged myself to be better. Change is worth it but it’s never easy.

What I Learned in 2017:
– Self-care is essential. It’s not selfish it’s required. Seriously, I’m working it into my budget.
– No is not negotiable. It’s not for manipulation it’s not a sentence with a question mark it is a sentence with a period. No means no.
– Exercise is necessary for me. I need it!
– There are more critics than creators
– Perspective from the right source is invaluable. The wrong one is detrimental. Discernment is necessary.
– Squads matter. Yaysayers are necessary. Build your tribe accordingly.
– Writing – I miss it. I need it. I’m doing it more in 2018.
– Boundaries are healthy. I had to step away a lot last year. From people, from the internet, from whatever was robbing me of joy at the time.

Happy New Year!