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I’ve been sharing my 21 day detox journey on Instagram Stories. So I wanted to go into detail here on the blog about the detox process.

I decided to do a detox for several different reasons:
– To help me not consume too much food and candy before Thanksgiving
– Ongoing stomach bloating.
– Food sensitivities
– Wild cravings for candy and sweets
– To get back to being mindful about food

The program that I’m doing is called Standard Process Purification Body Cleanse. For the first seven days we didn’t eat meat to give our bodies a chance to not have to spend time processing it. For days 8-21 we can have grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and wild-caught fish. Each day we have two shakes.



One in the morning and one at night. We can eat unlimited veggies. For me, one of my goals is to reduce carbohydrate intake so that means fruits are limited to my morning smoothie only. And I’ve also limited my starch intake.

Before the detox we got measurements taken and a weigh-in.  So, I’m not getting on the scale throughout the process. I am looking at non-scale victories as the days pass. Here are a few of my non-scale victories ten days in:

– Skin: pigmentation on my face and neck disappeared two days in.
– Sleep: I’m sleeping like a baby and waking up very early. Less tired after work.
– Focus: Mentally, my mind isn’t clouded and my thoughts aren’t jumbled. It’s easier to focus on tasks and I get less distracted.

I’ll share results at the end of the program!

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