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One of my favorite spots in my apartment happens to be my bar cart. I like changing the decorations out for each season. I’m slowly starting to hang art all around my place and I was excited to learn about Modern Map Art.

A Modern Map Art print of Atlanta is the perfect little something for my bar area. I’m born and raised from Georgia, but I grew up in a rural town. Then, I went to college in a rural college town. Whenever I travel it’s just easier to tell everyone that I’m from the city of Atlanta. Besides Savannah, that’s the place that everyone things of when it comes to Georgia. In 2014, I got my first taste of living in the actual city of Atlanta. Ever since I moved ITP (Inside the Perimeter) I have loved being in close proximity to everything. Atlanta really is a fun magical place. It’s simple in black and white but a reminder of the city. I’ve been on the hunt for a frame, but honestly I love how it looks standalone. It doesn’t distract from my gold bar cart or mirror either.

I love looking at how others are incorporating Modern Map Art into their decor on Instagram.

What’s your favorite space inside your place?

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