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It’s that time of year again. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I decided to be festive this year and did a fun shoot with Gossett Photography at a local park to celebrate this annual day of love. 

The balloons were fun to play with. My mom got me this red dress for Christmas from Ann Taylor. I’ve never really worn a lot of red, but now I want to add more red to my wardrobe. It just pops. The color red is associated with energy, strength, power and passion. Red is emotionally intense so no wonder it’s a big on Valentine’s Day.

The photo above ended up being my favorite one of the bunch. The nude heels make my legs look longer. When I did physical therapy for my knee, the therapist said my legs are much longer than my torso. Which makes it hard to adjust a bike for comfort. We learned this early on. I never thought about it, but that theory makes sense for why I love rompers and skirts because they just work well on my shape accenting the legs and helping to give my waist some love too.

I switched it up with a white Calvin Klein jacket, rose gold heels and my Dolce & Gabana red glasses to end the shoot. When I look at this I think about that “Blocking out the haters meme”. Definitely wasn’t thinking that, but the meme does give me a good laugh.

I took these photos on an unusually warm Georgia Sunday. It was a fun day at the park!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • NaturalHairRules

    So cute!!! I love your photos!!!