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This past weekend, I attended my fourth Blogalicious Conference here in Atlanta. I can’t believe that I have been to 4 of them.

blogalicious 2016

Kim, Niki, Tamara and I at the Dove Day Party

This past conference was a reminder of why I continue to come back. Blogalicious is always a ray of light for me professionally. Especially this week when it feels like we are all so divided and frustrated around the election cycle. See, when I went to my first conference I was essentially hustling as a social media professional. I was fresh off of leaving a job where I was the sole social media person managing way too many accounts learning very little and slowly crashing and burning. I had stopped learning and lost inspiration.

I needed to find “my place”. By my place I mean, I needed to find a supportive, diverse space where people “got digital”. A place where the value was apparent and where people were having successful outcomes through leveraging social platforms. Blogalicious is that place for me! Here are my four major keys from this weekend’s conference:

1. Use Your Voice
During the first night of Blogalicious I had the opportunity to talk to Tracey Hutchins from CBS46 about women of color having a voice online during this election cycle. I am so grateful for the opportunity because just days after the monumental election of Donald Trump, I appreciate the power of having a voice now more than ever. I definitely plan to use my voice moreĀ to drive positive conversation and change.

Check out the interview here.



2. Surround yourself with people in all different areas of their career

At the conference, I met entrepreneurs, talked to students, and individuals just launching blogs and digital channels. It’s nice to collaborate with others in all areas because a diverse group of opinions can really add value to the conversation.

2I met Madison, a Georgia State student at a pre-event happy hour and I’m glad that she was able to attend the conference and she looked so fabulous!

3. Invest in Yourself
On the last night of the conference I explained to a friend the quantifiable value of attending the conference against the cost of the event tickets. After really comparing the two, I realized that what I’ve learned and who I have met at these conferences has paid off in value that exceeds the cost to attend. Has it always been easy to get to the conferences? No. Has it always been worth it? Absolutely. If there’s any lesson that I would share with other young professionals it would be: invest in yourself.


After yoga on the final conference day was such a breath of fresh air.

4. Brands that get it
I like seeing brands who get it at conferences like this. It’s not a surprise to me that some brands just don’t understand influencers or the true power of social media. I’ve had to work with executives and directors who don’t understand. I get it. It’s refreshing for me to see brands like Dove who believe in the power of influencers and are adamant about changing the conversation online with the #SpeakBeautiful campaign. That campaign hopes to change how women and girls speak about themselves especially.

blogalicious 2016

With our goddess braids courtesy of Dove at the closing day party.

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  • Niki McNeill

    Thank you so much for encouraging me to come to Blogalicious! It was worth every dime + then some. The information was so helpful, the community absolutely inspiring & I left with actionable steps to take next. I can’t wait for the next one!