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I finished reading Living Forward!

I shared 3 of my favorite things about the book after I first started reading. Now that I’m finished, here are my thoughts on the entire book.

Let me preface this by saying, I’m a Michael Hyatt follower and have been for years. So, when I first started reading this book I kept thinking of how the advice sounded like something in one of his blogs or podcasts. I’m totally cool with that. I do think that sometimes we need to hear good advice multiple times before it really sinks in that: hey, I need to actually do this. That’s one thing that really stands out about this book, all of the people who endorse creating a life plan. They aren’t permanently drifting.


What is the drift?


Well, the drift is something that pulls us of the right course in life. I can speak closely to the concept because I just got out go the drift. It’s when you are living your life and suddenly realize: hey, I’m not doing the things I need to do in order to get where I need to go. Hence, the drift.


Like that song Waves says, Drifting Away….wave after wave.


It’s when you are doing things living your life but areas of your life are a bit stalled. It happens for so many reasons. Ignoring it doesn’t help, but acknowledging it is essential to helping get back on track! Before I read this chapter of the book, I didn’t really know how to define “the drift”. What I did recognize was the consequences of the drift. Staying off track for too long has detrimental impact on out lives.


My favorite thing about this book is it explores the positive and negative aspects of planning and building a future for the reader. That’s an area that needs constant refinement. With a guide like Living Forward, you can continue to create the most optimal future. Yeah, things happen along the way, but with the tips in this book some of the detours can be navigated better. Notice that I did not say you can avoid all of the bad things, but navigating them better is essential. If you are searching for something that can help you lay out a solid plan for planning out your future, check out Living Forward. It’s a quick and impactful read that will offer gems of wisdom over time.

  • Thanks so much for this review, Dana. I appreciate it!