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It’s been two weeks since Blogalicious in San Antonio, TX and I’m still feeling inspired and excited.

My Blogalicious journey started earlier than the conference. I was asked by the Blogalicious team to create an eguide for my millennial peers. From there, How to be Great at Social Media for Millennials was born!

I wrote an eguide!

Many of my girlfriends have asked me how to successfully build influence online and this eguide is my very detailed and fun answer to help take them to the next level. More on what you will learn from the guide and how to save money on it after my recap!


From L-R: Photo 1: Opening day: Stacy Ferguson, the Chief Curator for Blogalicious welcomes us all to San Antonio! Photo 2: Opening Keynote Speaker: Derreck Kayongo inspired us with his story. He’s a visionary and the founder of the Global Soap Project. He even got us on our feet to sing a song in Swahili. It was a really beautiful moment. Photo 3: Comedian Aida Rodriguez from “Last Comic Standing” made us laugh the night away, literally, with her stories about being a woman of color on a majority male field and throughout her personal life.

After Aida, we had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of Beyond the Lights at AMC Riverwalk.


Theater selfie 😉

I talked about how great the movie was in my last post!

Day 2 started with a wonderful workout sponsored by Coca Cola!

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I really enjoyed this time. I love working out in the morning and it gave me life to last the rest of the day after the late night at the movies! Our coaches were friendly, but they didn’t take it easy on us! We did bootcamp, Zumba and ended things with a deep stretch! I stayed hydrated with Dasani and we also had an assortment of Vitamin Water flavors to choose from. This was one of my favorite parts of the conference!



From L-R: Photo 1: Warming up for a great workout with Zumba. Photo 2: An excellent panel on branding from Domain.Me happened on Day 3. The panel featured Danika Kombol, Shenee Howard and Jeanette Kaplum. They offered valuable insight on building a personal brand. It really motivated me to focus on finding my authentic voice online n 2015. Photo 3: A great break out session at the B-Link bar with Beatrice Clay on creating sweeter DIY posts. I discovered new ways to leverage Instagram photos and how to create great DIY photos for Pinterest.

The weekend was pretty jam packed with learning, networking and discovery. I met so many wonderful people. Most importantly, I was inspired by the theme encouraging us all to be great. From the speakers, I learned that all of us face resistance when it comes to becoming our best selves. After I left the conference, I promised myself that I would get out of my own way and start doing all the things that truly scare me. It made me want to dig deeper to really discover my passion and what drives me.

Oh, about my eguide How to be Great at Social Media for Millennials.

I’m beyond excited to share some things I’ve learned on the journey here getting my blog started. I outline:

– How to work with brands

– How to build your influence

– How to measure your influence

– New and emerging platforms you should consider

For all of my millennial peers out there who are interested in pushing themselves to the next level of greatness, the Blogalicious team has given me a coupon code for all of you to check out my new eguide How to be Great at Social Media for MillennialsUse the code: EGUIDEDANA to get 10% off when you get ready to buy. The great news is – it’s priced for all of us balling on a budget plus the code will help you save even more!
Let me know what you think after you check it out. I wrote this for you guys and I’d love your feedback: email dana {at} thegreatdanaj.com comment or tweet!


Have you been to any really inspiring events lately? What did you learn from them?

  • Loved your recap! I definitely want to make my way to the next Blogalicious. Did they give any hints about the 2015 location?

    • Thanks! No idea for 2015. I can’t wait to find out. I’m trying to plan out my travel calendar now.