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Over the last few months, subscription “boxes” have become a huge thing. I’ve been receiving a Birchbox since last fall. I think it’s a great way to try new products and I appreciate being surprised by the contents of the box. While reading an article, I found out about a new box launching in Beta and decided to sign up. Wal-Mart launched the site goodies.co.

For $7 a month, I receive 5-8 healthy eats to try. Since I recently left the start-up life and started going back to an office, the snacks have been great to keep in my desk drawer. Having a snack drawer also helps with socializing and meeting new office mates 🙂


These are goodies from my March box. My favorite item from this box? The falafal chips! They were spicy and tasty. Usually, I can eat half of a snack and save the rest for the next day or the day after. What I’m not interested in eating or trying, I can share with other people! The box of chocolate chip cookies above have been with me for a few weeks and I have a co-worker who loves them (I haven’t tried them, I’m not a fan of chocolate chip and mint, but maybe I will to see what they are like). When I get my May box later this month I will do a detailed share of my items.

If you are interested in goodies, sign up for an invitation here.

  • Niki McNeill

    That seems awesome!! I may just try it 🙂