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Earlier this year I started taking NuShape to help with my fitness goals.

At first, I was nervous that NuShape would make me jittery due to the caffeine. The great thing is, NuShape does not have any caffeine in it. I don’t drink caffeine (except in tea) so this made the product way more appealing to me. In terms of results, after 30 days I lost 3 pounds. I do believe that with a solid plan and commitment to exercise 15 minutes a day it’s possible to lose more. I got sick in the middle of my 30 days. Which caused a slight setback. I didn’t want to eat or move for several days. On top of that, I took a trip to Minnesota where it was -11 degrees outside. I worked out there, but my body was literally in shock from that cold. A few tips in regards to NuShape:

1. Make a complete 30 day plan. Where you are going and what you will be eating. It will help tremendously to plan before you go. I did not have any fried foods and started drinking 80 oz + of water per day. However, I could have tightened up my eating by having a specific and detailed plan. I’m not going to lie, I’m still working on meal planning and budgeting. I know that it can only help me financially and physically to get that together.

2. Do the 15 minutes of exercise. I would make myself get 15 minutes in before bed if I happened to miss a workout during the day. That’s not a long amount of time to commit to being healthy. At all.

3. Be careful about traveling with the bottle. I took mine to Minnesota and kept it in the car. Everything held up fine, however, moving the bottle around so much caused some of the pills to crush in the bottom. So be careful.

4. Don’t try to change too many behaviors at once. I tried to take NuShape and also introduce food journaling at the same time. Inevitably, I was not successful with two new things at once. Food journaling can help with weight maintenance, but trying two new things like that simultaneously led to failure for me!

5. Try it with a friend. It’s nice to compare notes with someone else going through the same experience. My mom wants to try NuShape now, and I’m open to committing to another month to test it out with her.

Have you ever tried anything like NuShape? This is my second go with a product like this. I’m open to trying it again because the product is all natural.

Disclosure: I received a free 30 day trial of NuShape to test. Thoughts and opinions of the product are my own. 

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