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During last week’s much anticipated episode of Scandal (titled One for the Dog) I noticed that Olivia Pope uses the Windows 8 phone!

Phone ringing and vibrating on the table with a call from Edison – her boyfriend.

Call ignored.

I feel bad for Edison. He seems like a really great guy to have around. However, Olivia is in love with another. Another who is already taken. I don’t think Edison will remain oblivious for too long. Tonight, I think the gig is up for Olivia. Edison is not a dummy. But we will see.

Oh the drama of television.

Last week, I found The Windows Blog from a twitter chat called #winchat. This is a great resource for all of us out here with a Windows phone or Windows 8. Today, two Disney games are free for downloading here. I’m going to work on learning more about the Windows 8 phone lenses and creating a photo book. Earlier this week, I made my first 2 videos using the phone! They turned out great. I will share them soon 😉

My theme for today is dark and steel. It’s been rainy and gloomy here in Georgia and my theme matches that. Rain, rain go away!

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