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This week I got some great news! My topic was selected for Social Media Club Atlanta’s upcoming PechaKucha night. Woo hoo 🙂

{Cool Photo from here}

I applied last week after brainstorming with a friend. That topic is “Understanding Millenials”. There are several challenges that come with this opportunity:

1. I had no clue what PechaKucha was (until just before I submitted my idea)

2. I have never heard a PechaKucha presentation live

3. I’m standing in front of an audience speaking about this and that’s always slightly challenging

4. I also did not know how to pronounce PechaKucha and each time I said the word I thought of:



Pikachu! He talks in first person and battles other Pokemon. 🙂 That’s not how it’s pronounced, thanks YouTube for educating me.


I’m always up for a challenge and I think this is more exciting than anything else. So, just to break down what PechaKucha is, the Social Media ATL Club describes it as Lightning Style talk. You get 15-20 seconds to articulate a slide. You also only get 20 slides for the entire presentation. So the entire presentation will be about 5 minutes. Scary since I spoke at Goodwill’s Career Center this week and my Powerpoint was 42 slides and about 30 minutes.

I have a long way to go to get things trimmed down. But practice makes perfect, and I plan to do lots of that. I’m so glad it’s Friday. Mother’s Day weekend and I don’t have all of my gift yet. I’ll be working on that today and tomorrow.

If you are in Atlanta, sign up to attend PechaKucha. It’s totally free: bit.ly/K1MzE3 You can hear lots of great presentations and there will be networking.

Since I’m speaking on Understanding Millenials, feel free to let me know what you think in a comment. Have a great Friday!

  • Wow!!!!  Congrats.  I heard about PechaKucha at the last Social Media Club of Atlanta meeting and I also thought that it was pronounced like the Pikachu from Pokemon lol.  Can’t wait to see your presentation 🙂