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Late last year I started following the Girl Behind Six campaign that Wendys created. When thinking of W, that’s the first thing that came to my mind: Wendy’s. The funny thing is, the Girl Behind Six campaign was created to promote Wendy’s newest burger called The “W”. The “W” would become Meal #6 on the Wendy’s menu. There comes the name, Girl Behind Six. How perfect!

Here’s a photo of the burger:

{from Wendy’s website which is pretty and full of fresh food photos}

It was suspenseful because for weeks no one knew who the Girl Behind Six was. They also heavily promoted the campaign with Sponsored tweets, and a promoted trend campaign.


It’s... Wendy’s! Who guessed it?!?!
Girl Behind Six

The big reveal by Wendys

The campaign was a “140 game show” with giveaways and all. I thought this was a great idea. It kept my attention for weeks following and wondering who in the world is Girl Behind Six. I think Wendy’s did a great job generating buzz. I know this campaign ended in November 2011. The only thing is, I had no clue what the campaign was about until I went to research the blog. I thought it was just to promote Wendy’s, build buzz and create excitement about their brand. I didn’t know it was to promote a burger. The burger is a pretty important part of the campaign, true, but the brand recognition matters as well. I think Wendy’s did a great job on that front. The campaign impact:

– Recently, Wendy’s was announced the #2 burger restaurant after McDonald’s beating Burger King for the first time since Wendy’s opened in 1969.

– The campaign generated 33,000 followers within a month of conception

– The campaign generated 500,000+ consumer behaviors


Here’s a cool video about the campaign that I found on Vimeo if you are interested in learning more.

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