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This weekend I tried a new race called The Color Run. Basically, I was sold after seeing this video:

About 10,000 people participated in the race Saturday. I had a great time going through the race. They let us run in 1,000 person waves. As soon as our wave was about to start the three of us:

My friend Loren, cousin Danielle and I

Well, we were all prepared for a “running start” and we all did not get that. You see, The Color Run isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. It isn’t timed, it isn’t the race to try to PR at and it isn’t one that you should try to be overly competitive during. With that being said. We were “wogging” or rather, walk jogging. Honestly, we were doing a speed walk for the first 1k of the race. I wish the race encouraged walkers and those with strollers to stay to the right or start in a later wave. It sucked having to run around them. But anyway. We reached the first color and our frustration turned to excitement 🙂

The Color Run Start Line

Start Line

After the first color, we were able to keep a steady running pace. It was slow, but there were so many hills (and so many walkers) that the pace was fine. I think we spent more energy trying to dodge around people than actually running. I would definitely do the run again next year! Proceeds from our entry benefited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the race happened around Piedmont Park. If you are considering a Color Run, here are some tips:

1. Wear something over your eyes – I have very sensitive eyes. One year I got pink eye 3 times. So, I was concerned about the colored powder getting into my eyes. The consistency of the color powder is similar to pollen or baby powder. Despite wearing glasses, I still got some in my eyes. It wasn’t very painful and my eyes didn’t even get red. Overall, the glasses reduced the amount my eyes came into contact with. I’m glad that I had them! If you don’t want any in your eyes at all, wear goggles (science class or swim).

2. Bring a change of clothes and swim towels – My race top was thrown in a plastic bag post race and that was great for eliminating powder on my car seat. Fortunately, what did get on my car seat was easily wiped up!

3. Put oil in your hair for an easy rinse out – The night before the race, I put some coconut oil all through my hair. The day of, I put a little more. This helped the powder easily rinse out when I came home about 2 hours after the race.

4. Plan to throw your shoes out – Well, I planned for this. My shoes were down to their last mile before the race. So now they are about to be phased out. But don’t wear any new shoes. Or white shoes. Huge NO!

5. Don’t plan to run, but if you can, go for it – I was very excited to run the whole race, others were not so much. Plan to just have a great time with your friends. Running might happen, but maybe not.

Dana Jones The Great Dana J The Color Run Atlanta

The Before

The Color Run after shot The Great Dana J Dana Jones

The After

The color run crowd Atlanta

The crowd, pre-race in Piedmont Park

I highly recommend this race if you are looking for a fun Saturday adventure. Happy Color Running 🙂

  • Zoe

    I work white shoes 🙁

    • My shoes are now purple 🙁

  • Hart Johnson

    Oh, what a great event!  Looks like fun for a good cause.  Well done!  (stopping by from A to Z list)–I haven’t been a runner for several years, but there are definitely times I miss it.

    • Thanks, I had a great time 🙂

  • Now THAT looks like a fun race!

    • You would love it! So much fun.

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